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24JULY2004 - 01AUGUST2004

In summer 2004 I have been in Germany for one week to meet my e-mail friend Claudia. She lives in a town called Diez. She is married to Mario and she has two adorable kids - Keanu and Finny. Claudia is a very warm-hearted person so definitely she is a very precious friend.

I have stayed by her parents' house. This gave me the chance to meet all her family and live with all of them some moments that I will never forget. With her mother, called Ulrike, I have tried some Cyprus traditional recipes like pasticcio, mousaka and fingers. With her brother Ralf, I have shared my problems and concerns (like migraines, problems with sound, light and heat, science and astronomy).

I have visited downtown Diez, another town very near Diez called Limburg, river Rhein, the Niederwald monument, the Drosselgasse street and many forests. I have played with Claudia's kids and enjoyed every minute with them as well as all her pets- parrots, turtles, guinea pigs, dog, rabbits as well as Ralf's cats Madame Sissy and Poly-the black panda. 

Claudia is learning greek and I find this idea very exciting. I was impressed by her progress and pronunciation of the greek words. She is very smart and fast-learning. Also Claudia took me to her horse called Chrysoulla and showed me how is horse riding. This is a unique experience for me and I definitely loved it.

I feel very lucky to have a friend like Claudia. I am very glad that Internet can bring people together. It is such a great experience to share your life with people from abroad.


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