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   The paradise on Earth!!

Believe it or not, Norway is one of the most beautiful countries

in the world. Wild nature, high mountains, lakes, fjords, waterfalls

all over the place, abrupt rocks... and of course there is not

a single spot which is not green. Far from everyday life and

pollution, this unique nature is often hidden in the cloudy and

foggy atmosphere to remain mystical and hard to be destroyed.

Of course a picture is worth a thousand words, so here we go

with some nice spots I got with my camera.

Enjoy !!!

waterfall1.jpg (40341 bytes) In front of a waterfall underwaterfall.jpg (30155 bytes) Under the waterfall
waterfalls2.jpg (111514 bytes) Another waterfall tree.jpg (103433 bytes) Beautiful little tree
doortoheaven.jpg (15303 bytes) Mountains lost in the mystery of clouds like heavens gate ferry1.jpg (57226 bytes) Ferry station to cross a fjord
highhills.jpg (37405 bytes) Scenery, take a deep breath... house.jpg (41319 bytes) A typical Norwegian roof
manywaterfalls.jpg (26691 bytes) Nice small waterfalls from everywhere nadlakeandsnow.jpg (32003 bytes) Me at....somewhere in Norway
scenery.jpg (43051 bytes) Norwegian scenery smallvillage.jpg (34815 bytes) Small village with typical red houses
countryside.jpg (253880 bytes) More green scenery

drivingbusmeandmum.jpg (42128 bytes)

Tour bus at one of the stops with me and mum
fjordferry.jpg (33237 bytes) Ferry at one of the biggest fjords

fjordferry2.jpg (41374 bytes)

More fjords
nadandlake.jpg (45868 bytes) Nad somewhere 

restaurant.jpg (37164 bytes)

First stop of the trip at a restaurant
snowylandscape.jpg (23509 bytes) Fjord with snowy mountains 

reindeer.jpg (35917 bytes)

norwegianfamily.jpg (43491 bytes) Norwegian family camping

nodog.jpg (52379 bytes)

Beautiful white Norwegian dog
panoramic.jpg (19716 bytes) Panoramic view

panoramicpark.jpg (80319 bytes)

Panoramic view of the park in Oslo
savvas-vera-claire-nad.jpg (26392 bytes) Savvas, Vera, Claire and Nad

aeolosgroup.jpg (45930 bytes)

Picture of the group in front of the tour bus
geilo.jpg (34851 bytes) Downtown Geilo

geilo1.jpg (34952 bytes)

Geilo countryside
geilohotel.jpg (31500 bytes) Geilo Hotel

bergenharbour.jpg (45303 bytes)

Bergen, Hanseatic houses
bergenfromtop.jpg (53439 bytes) Bergen from the top of a mountain bergenteleferikstation.jpg (61621 bytes) Teleferik station at Bergen
nadbergen.jpg (39130 bytes) Hanseatic houses at Bergen Grieghouse.jpg (45643 bytes) House of  the musician Edward Grieg at Bergen
geilocastle.jpg (28847 bytes) Castle of Royal family at Bergen nadmumshopping.jpg (45145 bytes) Me and my mother shopping
bergenroundroad.jpg (53949 bytes) View of Bergen

bergenview.jpg (33689 bytes)

View from the house of Edward Grieg
lifecircle.jpg (35527 bytes) The circle of life- park in Oslo nadpark.jpg (29961 bytes) Me at the entrance of the park in Oslo
parklake.jpg (31385 bytes) Artificial lake in the park in Oslo

parentwith4babies.jpg (25146 bytes)

Dad with four kids, two on the right hand, one on the left and one on the right foot
peopleholdingearth.jpg (31415 bytes) People holding Earth in the park in Oslo

zodiac.jpg (66127 bytes)

Zodiac indicator
backofparkoslo.jpg (27708 bytes) Back view of the park in Oslo nobelbuilding.jpg (35989 bytes) Building where Nobel prize of peace is given
tigeroslo.jpg (49662 bytes) Tiger in front of the train station oslo2.jpg (34503 bytes) Oslo town
oslo1.jpg (44715 bytes) Shopping malls and people going... oslo3.jpg (39204 bytes) Modern look of Oslo
oslo4.jpg (53820 bytes) Oslo small park oslo5.jpg (35669 bytes) Buildings at Oslo
trainstationoslo.jpg (54376 bytes) Inside the train station at Oslo vikings.jpg (24809 bytes) Vikings ship
holmenkollen.jpg (45832 bytes) Holmenkollen ski-jump in Oslo menpyramid.jpg (51977 bytes) Pyramid of people in Oslo park