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restaurantentrance.jpg (187993 bytes) Cafeteria entrance singers.jpg (207501 bytes) Singers
room.jpg (126492 bytes) Room smallisland.jpg (146190 bytes) View from the ship
dancersfamily.jpg (231605 bytes) My family together with two dancers danser1.jpg (140132 bytes) Dancer in red
colleaguemario.jpg (192834 bytes) My colleague Marios calypsoship.jpg (132608 bytes) Calypso cruise ship
dolfins.jpg (155180 bytes) Me at the back of the ship familysailors.jpg (175925 bytes) My family together with two sailors
danser3.jpg (139380 bytes) Dancer danser4.jpg (137779 bytes) Dancer in army uniform
danser6.jpg (182086 bytes) Dancer dansers.jpg (164606 bytes) Dancer
dansers5.jpg (179664 bytes) Dancers dansers2.jpg (151648 bytes) Dancers
deck.jpg (202066 bytes) View from the back of the ship dutyfree.jpg (234162 bytes) Duty free Shops
frontship.jpg (114583 bytes) The front of the ship me.jpg (121519 bytes) Nadia
memom.jpg (130999 bytes) Me and my mum lying down memom2.jpg (147905 bytes) Me and my mum in the lounge
memom1.jpg (161398 bytes) Me and my mum wearing our lifejackets mefather.jpg (162174 bytes) Me and my dad at Syros
lounge.jpg (207581 bytes) Inner look of the ship myparents.jpg (72340 bytes) Mum and dad wearing lifejackets